Official EA rejection!

EA has acknowledged me as a viable threat to their corporate standing int the games market! What this means is rather simple. I can not publicly distribute the project. However, I can still privately distribute the project with no problems. Knowing that I am not a web guru and definitely not a security expert. I suspect that there is no feasible way I can actually lock down access to the files and still have the accessible to my private use group. So, you will now notice there is a change in the licensing. The software is for private use only and you are not allowed to use it without explicit permission. I cannot control the flow of bots, as those are your creations and I have no control on their distribution. So, this nixes the idea of the web based platform, everything else should continue as normal.

I really don’t expect this will be much of a hindrance to my current user base. Which is currently plateaued out at a healthy zero.

Nothing to show this week

I may have been a bit distracted this week by Mass Effect 3. However that is not to say I am still not working on improvements. I have been doing some background research into hosting a simple website to allow bot submission and stats tracking. This is not my primary realm of expertise so I am taking my time and making sure everything is actually as awesome as it was in my head once its a finished product. For now just continue to create bots, and by continue I of course mean start. There is as much activity in the forums as I expected (read: none). So, feel free to be the first to make a killer bot that will rule over the presently non-existent competition.

Public Bot Storage on a Private Distribution Game?

Turns out programmers love games about programming.  Novel that. Though they seem to enjoy fiddling with the source more than creating bots. Seems I am going to have to adjust for that.

This week along with my normal work on the yet unrealeased project I am going to look into a solution for public bot storage. I suspect once people start sharing thier works it will be more enjoyable to try making new bots to beat them. I have thought on a few solutions and am currently swaying between forums, and a public subsection of an ftp sever.

Both obviously have unique benifits and problems – should be fun looking into this week.

PS – no word on legal red tape and public distibution. Though I do have the game available online now, so no more bulky emails. Plus i can easily ensure the same version is available to everyone. It’s almost like I have propper releases, almost.


A Super (Not So) Secret Project

As I eluded to yesterday I am working on an awesome new project that may or may not ever see the light of day. I have has a long standing love for competitive robot AI programming – and you thought your hobbies were niche. My favorite bot building game was RoboWar 5. It had a lot of fun options available such as reading your opponents registers and a variety of weapons. However I felt its main shining point was how it handled the language of the bot’s themselves. Many games in this genre use modern languages and some basic OS controlled timing on thread scheduling which is only vaguely accurate and vastly different on different machines and operating systems. What RoboWar 5 really did right for me was the concept of your bot’s CPU power. Each operation took the same amount of time, and depending on how many points you spent into your bot’s CPU you would have different amounts of operations per ‘chronon’, which are roughly equivalent to a frame. So there was not only a strategy and logic element, but a very strong optimization slant on robot coding.

Recently I found myself wanting to program some more bots, like I had so many times before. However I was upset to find that the windows distribution of RoboWar 5 was not 64bit OS compatible and for a while I was strongly considering porting it for modern systems. Then I started thinking, maybe I could extended it if I ported it, how neat it could be to add new features into the game. Starting to think on the project as a whole I realized that in a modern language, the game could be written very simply and could probably have a proof of concept ready with a weekends worth of work.

So at this point, we all know what I spent last weekend working on. I now have a very shiny start to a game in the very niche and unknown genre or competitive robot AI programming. I developed the whole thing in python2.7 with no 3rd party libraries needed. I kept the simulation and rendering completely separated with a state-log of every frame in the simulation. The current render engine is a hacked up Tkinter canvas. But any language or drawing libraries could potentially read in and use the replay like state-logs. The bot language itself is a simple stack langue using reverse polish notation and borrows much from RoboWar 5’s language. So adding a new operator is as simple as defining its name, a function that manipulates the stack or the bot, and a dictionary entry mapping the two together. I worked on the game tonight for about 2 hours and managed to add in 9 new instructions. I am poised to make rapid changes in little time for as long as I keep getting good feedback from my users or my creative juices keep flowing.

If you have read this far you are probably wanting to try this game out for yourself. As of right now I am waiting on red tape with EA legal to be able to freely and publicly distribute the game. I can continue to work on it and privately distribute it .If you know me personally, and lets be honest most of you do, ask me for a copy. For a nice download link on this page, I will need approval that this little niche python script will not overthrow the gaming market as a whole and muscle out EA’s market share. Should be an easy sell.

Hello World

I am rebooting the website as it was compramised by script kiddies taking advantage of my lazy habbit of not updating my wordpress version.

No contet was lost in the transition but it will take me a bit to get everything back in working order with the new system as import / export is not trusted in my case.

Will be updating with new content soon though, I have a nifty project I want to share with all of you. EA willing that is, I may only be able to talk about it with all of you and keep it privately distributed until I go through a bunch more red tape. More on that later.