Collateral Souls 0.20 – Arcana

  • New Features
    • Pact Pistol: a new weapon option
      • Magical weapon which ignores armor, cover, and range.
      • Pact Perks
        • Telescape
          • When you fire at melee range you are teleported away from your target
        • Skill Pact
          • Your accuracy goes up by 1% every 10th hit with your ranged weapon
        • Mindsight
          • When you hit a target with your ranged weapon, you gain visibility from its location for this turn
        • Pact Ritual
          • When you fire your ranged weapon, your rituals trigger
        • Freezing Pact
          • Ranged hits against targets with full life are only glancing, but freeze the target for 3 turns
    • End of Floor Collapse Mini-game
      • New mini game once a floor is clear of enemies. Stay in the collapsing world as long as possible for XP rewards before getting sucked into the next floor
    • Challenge seed string option
    • In-Game report a bug / suggest a feature link
  • Changes
    • View Active Challenges menu added to help remember what conditions your challenge has
    • Name default saved between runs
    • New icon for application
  •  Fixed
    • Enemy Alert setting now lasts between sessions
    • Nemesis no longer spawn during seeded runs
    • Creatures now start with full health (creature starting health remains the same)

Issue Addressed in Release

Report a Bug or suggest a Feature

Open Issues


Collateral Souls 0.19 – Challenge Mode

  • Challenge Modes
    • New mode with a varied mix of special conditions
      • Background Conditions
        • Player background perk is predetermined
      • Player Conditions
        • Start with X perk
        • Weak Ranged
        • Weak Melee
        • Perks don’t have requisites
        • Reduced XP gain (%)
        • No regeneration
      • Enemy Conditions
        • Start with X perk
        • Strong Ranged
        • Strong Melee
      • World Conditions
        • Always use X world theme
        • Always daylight
        • No placed lights
        • Rooms are X% their original size
  • Daily Challenge Mode
    • Challenge Mode with a seed so everyone gets the same Challenge & Map
  • Enabled GML optimizations for release builds that significantly increase performance
  • Fixed a number of rare crash bugs
  • Fixed level up menu for endgame when no more perks are available, no longer blocks progression
  • Turns taken no longer adjust the final score
  • Perk and Lore points shown on game end screen now actually added to the final score


Collateral Souls 0.18.1 – Difficulty Curve Rebalance

CS0.18.1_0Focusing on smoothing the difficulty curve the following changes were made:

  • Zombies & Imps damage and defense reduced
  • Archangels damage reduced slightly
  • Archangels and Seraphs introduced more slowly into the spawn rotation
  • Fiends and Purifiers damage increased
  • Fiends defensive increased slightly


Collateral Souls 0.18 – Nemesis Update

  • Nemesis System – creatures that kill you now ascend and stalk the afterlife on their own terms. Gaining new perks and abilities.
    • Nemesis creatures from previous games can spawn in new games
    • Nemesis creatures have their own name and appear with stars around them
    • Nemesis creatures that slay you again continue to advance
    • Updating AI to be ability aware so if it gains new perks it will use them appropriately
    • Perks that grant ranged or melee abilities to creatures now ensure they have basic ranged or melee capabilities (Zombies with shotguns actually use the shotgun)
    • Creatures will no longer gain perks that would not apply, such as regeneration


Collateral Souls 0.17.2

  • Redesigned Heartseeker
    • Heartseeker now raises your minimum ranged damage to 1/2 the target’s current HP value
      • These hits’ floating text is colored so you know when it occurs
  • Clairvoyance now shows known areas in blue so you can still tell where you have been when you have Clairvoyance
  • Character Sheet can be opened and now closed with ‘C’
  • Help can be opened and now closed with ‘?’
  • Added Death Animation so it is easier to tell kills from losing sight of a creature
  • Fixed High Score list showing up empty
  • Fixed Curse “Your presence is known to all” to function 100% of the time


Collateral Souls 0.17.1

  • Replaced Blinding Armor with Phoenix Armor
    • Phoenix Armor takes any lethal damage from you maximum health instead of killing you
  • Fixed Scholar with Shotgun and Sniper Rifle to properly have no minimum distance penalties that Shotguns grants
  • Fixed tileset aspect ratio and centering
  • Corrected Background Perk text alignment


Collateral Souls 0.17 – Background Perks

  • Background Perks. One chosen at beginning of the game, greatly altering gameplay
    • Forgotten
      • Original gameplay, no bonus, no flaws
    • Sinner
      • 2 Extra perks to choose from, but can only take demonic perk trees
    • Saint
      • 2 Extra perks to choose from, but can only take angelic perk trees
    • Seeker
      • Gains HP from exploration, but not from descending floors
    • Sadist
      • Gains HP from killing, but not from descending floors
    • Scholar
      • 2 (possibly exclusive) perks per level, but does not gain stats on level up
    • Simple
      • Double stats on level up, but no perks
    • Survivor
      • Double HP gains from level up, but half damage gains from level up
  • Added regen FX for Tentacle Whip, Seeker, Sadist