Project Smith (4 hour game)

I wanted to try out Guild Wars 2 this weekend, but for some reason I assumed that Arena Net would keep the streaming model that let the original Guild Wars start up from a 64kB zip file and have you playing in minutes. So with a long download ahead of me I decided to make a game. The game is basically a shot at a tile puzzle game and was supposed to have something to do with the theme of blacksmiths.  With only 4 hours to download I didn’t really have time to get the theme showing, but the game core is there and it may actually be fun for some people.

Basic Overview

  • Activate (click) a starting block
  • Blocks will transform into the the Active block but Forged(dark and colored) by a Transformation Stream starting to travel from the Activated block in the direction the Activated block points
  • Points scored for converting as many blocks in one go as possible
  • Transformation stream can only go through 2 Forged blocks in a row
Warning: There is (crappy) sound. The sound was unexpectadly unrecognizable once converted for HTML5.