Grass, Information, & Vision

I’ve added a weekend of features in a few places. I’ve exposed a bit more data to the user. The climate and proximity to water has always effected grass growth , but now the better off grass will be greener based on all factors contributing, so greener grass grows back faster. I’ve also added a population graph at the bottom of the screen to easily see trends in populations.

New genetic trait vision effects how far creatures can see to take into account things they react to in the world. Dragons will only track things close enough to them that they can see them. Sheep will now avoid dragons close enough to them that they can see them. This creates a much more interesting simulation as sheep herds split as the run away and overall look much more like a school of fish avoiding predators.


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Grass, Migration, & Life

Have another update to the simulation, grass now grows slightly quicker and there is more weight put on climate and water. This makes hospitable zones more hospitable and more likely to allow sheep to live without permanently migrating like a swarm of locust.

I’ve also made the life span of each creature driven by genetics so sheep and dragons should move towards optimal lifespans over time.

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