Turn Based Strategy RPG Proof of Concept


I have been working on a proof of concept for a turn based strategy RPG. Nothing playable yet, but I do have random AI factions killing each other.

Basic genre I’m going for is infinitely scalable procedural content (ala Item World from Disgaea) with a main story to introduce concepts. With lots and lots of customization to encourage deep theory crafting and min maxing.

What I have now is none of that 🙂

Notable things I do have

  • Isometric grid based combat
  • Flexible event engine
  • Abilites, buffs, reactions
  • Scaling statistical ramps and leveling up
  • A few classes and abilities
  • Basic AI
  • Equipment
  • Metro-esque menu system

Notable things I still need to do

  • Inventory / Army management
  • Persistence
  • Scripted story sequences
  • scripted story arc content
  • character customization
  • progression options
  • procedural progression contet
  • Shops
  • User interaction during combat (you know, make it a game instead of a tech demo)

Tech Demo Exe