Collateral Souls – 0.13 Community Update

Many community requested features and fixes found during /r/roguelikedev/ ‘ s Feedback Friday #8 -Collateral Souls .

  • Moved keyboard letter movement keys over so they are not spanning split keyboard’s divide
  • Added Brightness setting
  • Removed Lifesense from the perk rotation
  • Increased player starting light radius
  • Added setting to show exact values on HP/XP bars
  • Added setting to show alert icons on new enemies the first time the are visible
  • Improved Help Menu
    • Added New User Hints section
    • Added ‘?’ keybinding for help menu
  • Improved Lore Box experience
    • First time players will always receive a boon
    • Grammar fixes in Lore Box text
    • Lore boxes explained in new New User Hints section of the help screen
    • New status indicators section on the UI shows boon/curse status
  • Flipped Exit to “>” glyph to align better with player expectations
  • Added minor fade out to log to indicate message ordering
  • Optimizations to simulation updates
  • Added license information (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License; source available on request)


Collateral Souls 0.12 – Creature Feature

Made a number of balance changes based on historic data of creature performance.

  • Increased shotgun damage by 2
  • Flame Demon renamed to Purifier
    • Purifiers have a slightly smaller light radius
    • Purifiers have a shotgun
    • Purifiers have a brighter color
  • Pit Fiend renamed to just Fiend
    • Fiend damage reduced slightly
    • Fiend Accuracy reduced slightly
  • Archangel
    • Slightly reduced damage for ranged and melee
  • Wraiths
    • Slightly reduced health
    • Slightly reduced damage
  • Grunt renamed to Zombie
    • Slightly reduced armor
    • New Zombie color
  • Hound Archons
    • Slightly browned in color
  • Carnage
    • Traded Grace for Initiative (Similar theme, but Grace was an invalid perk choice and creatures need to obey the rules as well!)
  • Reapers
    • Now have Boosted, bringing them up to the correct number of perks
  • Added Lifesense perk to available level up rotation ( was only available via lore box )
    • No longer can see undead creatures (Zombies & Wraiths)
  • Increased visibility of Paradox Trigger weapon effect
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Armor would not hide the player if they moved
  • Improved lava performance by clustering lava light sources instead of a light source per tile
  • Fixed rare double object destroy crash bug


Collateral Souls 0.11 – Perky

  • Buffing rarely used perks
    • Fury now also grants a free melee attack to all enemies in range each turn
    • Blinding Armor reworked to grant double ranged penalties to attackers(released early in 0.10.2 bugfix patch)
  • Balancing some perks
    • Focused and Marksman damage bonus reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Deprioritizing overused perks
    • Base regeneration increased to 1/3 from 1/4, Regeneration perk remains 1/2
    • Base perks available at level up increased to 4, Open Minded reduced to 2 perks(total perks available with Open Minded remains the same)


Collateral Souls 0.10.2

  • AI no longer waits if no path to player is available, it will now try to close the distance as best it can
  • Reduced the font size of the combat log, it was taking up to much space on long games and the screen could overflow on the score summary
  • Blinding Armor Reworked – Now grants 50% increased ranged penalty on incoming attacks


Collateral Souls 0.10 – Situational Awareness

  • Added Many new situational perks
    • Called Shots – bonus damage and ignore armor when ranged target has no cover
    • Berserker – Deal bonus melee damage after taking damage, bonus drops each turn no damage is taken
    • First Aid – Heal part of last hit taken when you wait
    • Initiative – Take less damage per turn since you were last damaged
  • You can now open your character sheet from the level up menu to look at you current stats and perks while deciding what perk to choose
  • Solar Armor damage no longer triggers health gain when paired with Tentacle Whip