Collateral Souls 0.16 – Beautification Update


  • Added inner walls to some rooms to create more varied hallways and shapes
  • Added Swamp theme
  • Added mixed theme areas
  • Creatures will now use teleporters when they walk over them
  • Added Teleporter and Teleport ritual visual effects
  • Added light source to burning creatures
  • Corrected UI to properly reference J as the keyboard use key
  • Corrected Imp’s hit description back to “burns”

Special Note:

  • Renamed internal project name so data and exe name are now Collateral Souls
  • This means all config and score data will be reset unless you manually copy it over
    • from %LOCALAPPDATA%/RL/*
    • to %LOCALAPPDATA%/Collateral Souls/*


Collateral Souls 0.15.2

  • Adjusted base player accuracy and damage to give more consistent damage at low levels
  • Buffed player’s melee abilities at low levels
  • Increased heal of Volatile Regeneration to 6
  • Significantly reduced Archangel’s maximum damage
  • Blood Secret tweaked to only activate on attacks that reduce HP lower than previous activations on the current floor
  • Added visual indicator on burning creatures