Collateral Souls 0.18.1 – Difficulty Curve Rebalance

CS0.18.1_0Focusing on smoothing the difficulty curve the following changes were made:

  • Zombies & Imps damage and defense reduced
  • Archangels damage reduced slightly
  • Archangels and Seraphs introduced more slowly into the spawn rotation
  • Fiends and Purifiers damage increased
  • Fiends defensive increased slightly


Collateral Souls 0.18 – Nemesis Update

  • Nemesis System – creatures that kill you now ascend and stalk the afterlife on their own terms. Gaining new perks and abilities.
    • Nemesis creatures from previous games can spawn in new games
    • Nemesis creatures have their own name and appear with stars around them
    • Nemesis creatures that slay you again continue to advance
    • Updating AI to be ability aware so if it gains new perks it will use them appropriately
    • Perks that grant ranged or melee abilities to creatures now ensure they have basic ranged or melee capabilities (Zombies with shotguns actually use the shotgun)
    • Creatures will no longer gain perks that would not apply, such as regeneration