Collateral Souls – Steam Greenlight

Hello World!

I’ve put Collateral Souls up on Steam Greenlight!

Check it out:

If the game gets greenlight the steam APIs can cover some awesome features like global daily/seeded challenge leaderboards. Mostly though I’m using it as part of a community growth project. The few of you that have been enjoying the game even when I’ve been in mostly stealth marketing mode will always been my favorites. I love you all! Hopefully I can find you some new friends.

Hi new friends! if you just got here you can get the game directly here:

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Collateral Souls 0.22 – Switch Update


  • New Features
    • Switch Background
      • New game mode where killing an enemy transforms you into that enemy with stats scaled by your level
      • Limits perk options to Rituals, XP bonuses, and Clairvoyance. Which you keep during transformations
  • Bug Fixes
    • Nemesis’ no longer gain ritual perks which they cannot use
    • Teleport Ritual perk is now properly acquirable when you have Pact Ritual

Issues Addressed In Release

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