Collateral Souls 0.23 – Bursting Update

Hello everyone!

Had a lot of good feedback come in and so this update is bursting with lots of big and small changes. Many of these came as suggestions from the community – you all are awesome. Keep the feedback coming and I will continue to make the game as awesome as I can for you!

  • New Features
    • Assault Rifle Completely Redesigned
      • Base Rifle now has burst fire with additional attacks at reduced accuracy
      • Holy Fire now starts creatures burning, including creatures in between you and your primary target
      • Paradox Trigger now remakes missed and glancing shots at a closer target
    • Sniper Advanced Perks Redesigned
      • Reaper now hits all creatures between you and your primary target
      • Heartseeker now builds damage by waiting with a creature targeted
    • New Boons
      • Carry the light of the world
    • New Curses
      • Fear the brooding mother
      • The end begins
    • Controls
      • The mouse may now be used to target creature by clicking on them
      • VI directional controls are now available as an optional setting
  • Changes
    • HP Boost Removed. Player now starts with 25 HP, was 20
    • Focused Removed. Player now starts with +5% higher accuracy
    • Marksman and Shotgun are now mutually exclusive. Shotgun maximum range increased by 1
    • Blood Secret and Tentacle Whip are now mutually exclusive.
    • Angelic / Demonic Perks now labeled in text descriptions
    • Sniper rifle damage reduced to 6, was 10
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed crash that sometimes occurred during creature-creature kills
    • Lifesense no longer sticks between games
    • Minor Text Fixes
    • Pact Pistol cover ignore now reflected in UI
    • First Aid no longer triggers from 0 HP hits

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