Collateral Souls 0.25 – Malice Update

Hi everyone! I was down for surgery and lost a lot of time, so small update this month. I tried to pull in a roadmap feature that would present interesting decisions but be quick to implement and test. Also had some awesome Collateral Souls let’s play videos from Huw2k8 so if you are new here and want to check out the game it’s a great way to get a look.

  • New Features
    • Unstable Portals – High risk high reward floor exits
      • Certain floors starting at floor 4 will now have unstable portals as alternate exits
      • Using these portals will provide the player with a bonus perk
      • Using these portals will also increase the difficulty of all future creatures
  • Changes
    • Ranged attack and target cycling controls now on UI for easy discovery
    • Status plaques now hide themselves when not relevant, opening up much of the side panel UI for future features

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