Public Bot Storage on a Private Distribution Game?

Turns out programmers love games about programming.  Novel that. Though they seem to enjoy fiddling with the source more than creating bots. Seems I am going to have to adjust for that.

This week along with my normal work on the yet unrealeased project I am going to look into a solution for public bot storage. I suspect once people start sharing thier works it will be more enjoyable to try making new bots to beat them. I have thought on a few solutions and am currently swaying between forums, and a public subsection of an ftp sever.

Both obviously have unique benifits and problems – should be fun looking into this week.

PS – no word on legal red tape and public distibution. Though I do have the game available online now, so no more bulky emails. Plus i can easily ensure the same version is available to everyone. It’s almost like I have propper releases, almost.