7 Day Rogue Like – Day 3 Recap

Welcome! I’ve been working in that fuzzy area, design, for most of the 3rd day. I’m getting to a point where instead of asking myself “what is missing that would make this a game?” I am asking “what features need more love to make this game better?”

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The bulk of the technical work was finished early morning when I implemented a perk system. Basic ‘on perk gained’ hooks and ‘does this object have this perk’ checks covered most of what I needed. Then a little game flow control via exclusive and requisite perk lists per perk. Nothing terribly complicated, but I do with that Game Maker had better user event handling. My options were either to have the ‘on_perk_gained = script’ value and then explicitly check is ‘script_exists(on_perk_gained)’ then ‘with(object){script_execute(on_perk_gained)}’, but not only is that a bit verbose it also means I have to write all of my scripts outside of my object. My other options was user events. ‘User Event 0’ lets me put my script in the object, and if I don’t put a script its a safe no-op so no pre-check. That part is great, however its not terribly obvious what I mean when I call ‘with(perk){user_event(0)}’. I did manage to make it a bit cleaner by adding a constant ‘EVENT_PERK_ON_ADDED = 0’, but that doesn’t save me from doing something silly like ‘with(menu_item){user_event(EVENT_MENU_ITEM_CONFIRMED)}’ (my menu system has the same setup now). Well enough though, I spent most of the day creating perks.

General Perks:

  • Regeneration (+hp per turn)
  • HP Boost (+max hp)
  • Fast Learner (+xp gain rate)
  • Brawler(+melee damage)
  • Marksman(+maximum range)
  • Open Minded(+considered perks per level)

Firearm Perks (Exclusive):

  • Rifle (+damage and max range )
  • Sniper Rifle (+lots of damage and max range, but minimum range increases considerably and ‘too close’ accuracy penalties are tripled)

When playing around with perks I found that the progression was very slanted to direct combat perks because there was no progression just from leveling – so I also added a minor stat bump in all areas on every level – so taking utility perks early isn’t completely damning.

I also noticed while play testing some perks that I had very little feeling of stat progression, I knew as a developer that one shotting level 3 Demon Soldiers with a sniper rifle was awesome, but reading the console for damage numbers is not part of typical play flow. So, I added some basic floating text damage bubbles to help the player understand what was happening in combat.

Actually, understanding what the game is doing is my main goal today. Adding in a character sheet, adding some predictive combat estimates, help menu explaining controls. Those sorts of things. Make it really accessible.