7 Day Rogue Like – Day 4 Recap

Over half way! Day 4 saw a lot of design progress and the game is much more approachable and enjoyable than it was after day 3.

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As planned from the previous day, I created a character sheet that shows the players stats and perks. Then I realized that the generic object system I had would, for no development cost, allow me to show character sheets for any creature. So that is in as a new perk “Insightful”. Also once I had that working I realized that I could give creatures perks, not just the player. Go-go emergent design, wouldn’t have thought of that in the beginning but it is obviously awesome to be able to have more than just stats for creatures, they can now have personality.

Speaking of creatures with personality, I have added a new creature the ‘Seraph’ a beefy melee angel that glows like the sun.  They are absolutely terrifying – they are bright enough that you can tell they are there from far away, and have enough staying power that blasting them with a shotgun as the casually walk up and tear into you can be quite a memorable experience.

Other features added in to ease the learning curve were a help menu to show the controls and a estimated change to hit/glance in the targeting UI. Having a single number to guide you through all the ranged modifiers is awesome. I found myself moving into better positioning much more often than I had before given how much easier it was to digest that information.

I also added in 2 new map types, a fortress type map with many hallways and rooms in one large connected complex, and a more traditional dungeon type with rooms sparsely connected with dead ends and the like. I was finding it harder to get back to the exit once I found it though, the new map types were much more constrained in their field of view. So, given the importance of the exit tile, I have made it always lit, even when remembered in fog of war, and not directly visible. This makes it much easier to get to the exit in a cleared map instead of the slog of re-exploring that it could sometimes be.