7 Day Rogue Like – Day 5 Recap

Short day 5 was. I’m on vacation from work, not from my social life. Still, got a few solid hours in during the morning.

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The game now begins and ends. Sounds silly, but adding in the flow of game entrance and exit is usually bolted on at the end, like it was here. There is now a character name entry menu at the start of a game, and a stats/score menu on the way out letting you know how you did. Minor sounding, but the play session is now well punctuated and it feels much better than being suddenly surrounded by grunts after teleporting only to figure out shortly that you died somewhere in the immediate past.

I also added some new branching [armor] perks to give more choice than ‘what order do I get everything in’ to the player. Right now the game is a bit short and abruptly ends after you get to the first level with only Seraphs and die horribly. Going to focus on smoothing that experience out a bit during Day 6.