7 Day Rogue Like – Day 6 Recap

Another brief, but very productive day. Lots more replay value, and a better progression curve.

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Today was the last day for new features, day 7 is polish and bug fixing. A New feature that was direly needed was some more perks to be able to take on those scary Seraphs. While looking at that area of progression I found a great place to add more replay value too. There are now two specializations of each [firearm] perk slanting in the demonic or angelic directions.

  • Rifle
    • Holy Fire – Ranged attacks ignore armor
    • Paradox Trigger – Ranged attack rolls are rolled 3 times, the best result is used
  • Sniper
    • Reaper – Ranged damage in increased by 15; (IE things die when they are far away, but its still useless close up)
    • Heartseeker – Ranged minimum distance is reduced by 7, there is still a range where its too close to use, but its much kinder
  • Shotgun
    • Storm of Vengeance – Shotgun spread becomes much larger
    • Tentacle Whip – Gain 1 hp for each enemy hit

Seraphs, while still scary, can now be overcome – so a new challenger, the Pit Fiend. Regeneration, Demon Armor (more regeneration), the new Tentacle Whip(more HP gain), and a boat load of HP. Bringing one down is an impressive feat.

The flow of the game leading up to such a frightening foe needed to be a bit more streched out to allow enough time to collect perks to be able to have any chance at handling a Pit Fiend. The flow of levels is now a bit gentler and a bit longer.