7 Day Rogue Like – Day 7 Recap

Everything is polished and balanced(er)! Ship it!

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Lots of little things today. The most visually impressive is the new weapon effects for the shotgun and adv. deviants. They just didn’t look shotgun-y to me and now at least one of them does. The other two look like tentacles and lightning.

Added in controls for non-number-pad keyboards. They are notable terrible, but its now playable without a number pad so that is a plus.

Balanced various builds, perks, and creatures. A lot. Combined Insightfull and Fast ¬†Learner: didn’t want a perk that was only useful once so now bonus XP comes bundled with inspecting creatures stats. Most creatures have a higher accuracy now to make armor survivable and not invincible. This also ups the minimum damage on high end creatures so Seraphs don’t commonly hit for 1-3 anymore even though their max damage is much higher.

Tried to port the game to HTML5, but there are some bugs in collision_rectangle that I haven’t been able to figure out. Also hit some snags in platform behavior deviation such as: HTML5 string + int working fine, but crashing in windows; instance_find() not accepting floats in HTML5 where in windows it auto truncates. All in all though I hacked a few things together and found that HTML5 just isn’t fast enough for what I am doing. The high speed built-ins in a compiled exe are required for all the heavy lifting that occurs each turn. In HTML5 the game was running at < 3 frames a second idle, where as the windows version runs at about 5 frames a second while running a turn and >200 frames per second idle. That’s right, drawing in HTML5 was more expensive then the heavy lifting in the windows build. Nothing I could do about it, gave up on HTML5 after that.

Menus no longer re-size when going through menu items with different size detail text. The menu is now always the maximum size required for the menu items with the largest text.

Also, I have no idea who you are but thanks to ‘roach’ for creating a draw_bezier script. It was the hard part of what I need to draw tentacles, and with some minor tweaks had some shifty colors and width supported.

Final Build – Download

Game Maker Project – Download