8th Day of a 7 Day Rogue Like

Well, here I am on my 8th day of development. Not really a 7 day rogue like anymore so I should probably start calling this project something else. Someone brilliant took the ‘stuck in between heaven and hell’ vibe and came up with Collateral Souls. Catchy enough I remembered it for a few weeks. So, that one wins.

I’ve gotten some feedback from no more than 2 players – not that more folks didn’t play it, but good feedback is hard to find. Many people assume “It was fun” is what I want to hear. What every developer really wants to hear is “I liked this, didn’t like that, and I think I broke it here” IE things we can act on. So today was a few bug fixes and polish tweaks.


  • Removed most regeneration to prevent immortality mode from being an eventuality.
    • Regen per turn is no longer available from leveling up
    • Regen of 25% max hp added when descending a floor
    • Removed regeneration from Demon Armor in favor of more HP
    • Regeneration perk no longer gives per turn regen, now increases per floor regen to 50%
    • Life leech from Tentacle Whip remains unchanged
    • Increased HP from most HP granting Perks
    • Removed Rest button
  • Re-balanced Demon Soldiers and Pit Fiends
    • Pit Fiends now have Paradox Triggered Rifles (previously Demon Solider weapon)
    • Demon Soldiers now have Tentacle Whip shotgun (previously Pit Fiend weapon)
  • Fixed bug in world generation, all 3 map types are available again
  • Targeting is now sorted by distance instead of unsorted
  • Trying to fire a ranged attack with no target now targets the nearest target instead