Collateral Souls 0.4

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Perk Fest! Added in many new perks so near the end of the game you should still have viable perk options left open.

  • Advanced Armor Perks
    • Radiant Armor
      • Blinding Armor – 10% chance any attack will miss you
      • Solar Armor – Even more light radius, 1 damage dealt to enemies in your light
    • Demon Armor
      • Shadow Armor – Removes light from player allowing you to sneak in the shadows
      • Void Armor – All damage taken is reduced by 1
  • Aura – Increases light radius
    • Clairvoyance – Reveals the entire map
    • Darkvision – Player sight no longer dependant on light
  • Focused – Increases melee and ranged accuracy
  • Boosted – Increases stats as if you had leveled up again