Collateral Souls 0.5.2 (Alpha RC1)

Lots of polish and feedback based adjustments. Going to look for some more feedback but this certainly feature complete at this point. Considering this as my first candidate for alpha release.

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Adjusting ranges on weapons to make sniper rifles have a purpose. Previously rifles had a much better effective range with their damage bonuses stacked in. Also many various polish features.

  • Making sniper rifles actually the best at long range and a bit easier to use
    • Made sniper rifles very slightly more forgiving on minimum range
    • Made rifles and marksman perk give less maximum range
    • Sniper rifles now only double ‘to close’ penalties
  • Walls that are next to visible tiles are now also visible, no more invisible hallways!
  • Added new Debug Logging setting that stores the event log on player death
    • Logs can be found in %LOCALAPPDATA%\RL
    • Added more event logs to make debug logs more useful
  • Fixed previous tweak to melee and ranged AI to actually prefer ranged instead of preferring melee. Silly less than and greater than signs.
  • Added clarifying text in UI to indicate chance to hit is not taking defense into account
  • Added turn indicator in UI
  • High score table at end of a game shows current score matching both name and score so players who play with the same name can still see their current score easily
  • Huge improvement to game responsiveness after a turn is taken.