3 thoughts on “Collateral Souls 0.5.5

  1. So, what strategy am I supposed to use against angels with sniper rifles? Every time I see one I take an enormous amount of damage, and even though each one only gets one shot at me, it seems completely unsustainable.

    • Ha, good find! I accidentally broke the ‘don’t shoot on the first turn’ logic while optimizing the AI. Will be fixed in the next update.

  2. If you ever get hit by one of the angelic snipers it is going to hurt – a lot. Try luring them around a dark corner and bludgeoning them to death. For when you do take hits – never doubt the power of armor. Grace and Ethereal can help greatly when you’re surprised by them. They also don’t have much health – counter sniping is a valid tactic, but risky if you miss your first shot. Enemies never shoot the first round they see you so you should get an opportunity to shoot them before they shoot you.

    Strategy aside – I’ve been buffing sniper rifles slowly and it may have favored the angels to much. I’ll poke around and see if the Arch Angel needs some tweaking.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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