Collateral Souls 0.8 – Lore & Endgame (Beta)

Added in lore boxes to give depth to the world and a real ending instead of just eventually dying or leveling far past any content available. All of the systems still have room for growth, but they are all here now and are passable as a full game. Before, I felt the game was more feature complete (Alpha), but now I feel like its content complete(Beta). I still plan on adding more depth and polish. This is not the final release, but if it was I wouldn’t be (too) disappointed.

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  • Added new lore boxes scattered about the world
    • Lore boxes (?) can be used to get a glimpse of their previous owner
    • Optionally the player may open lore boxes or leave them be
    • Opening a lore box grants a boon or incurs a curse, choose wisely
  • Game now has a real ending down on level 15