Collateral Souls 0.8.2 – Knowledge is Power

  • Tiles directly next to the player are now always visible, this normally has no effect but helps exploring and melee in the dark with Shadow Armor
  • Improved all seeing lore box boon to include enemy locations
  • New lore box curse : Hunted – alerts all enemies to the players location
  • Buffed Heartseeker so crits were not in the same range as just taking Reaper.
    • Heartseeker now deals 5x damage on criticals
  • Gave a lot of love to the score screen after a game so you can better mentally connect play trends to successful runs
    • Added history of play events: kills, floor transitions, lore boxes, and level ups
    • Added Perks to score
    • Added Lore Boxes to score
    • Corrected text when winning the game to no longer have the death message
    • Score screen capture is now saved for historic viewing in %Appdata%\RL
    • Corrected alignment of point and metric numbers
  • Fixed bug where all tiles would be visible for 1 turn after going to a new floor
  • Fixed crash where game was looking for perks on floor tiles
  • Added analytics