Weekly Update 0.6

Wait what, where did weekly Update 0.1-0.5 go? Good question. I have decided to start posting updates on the blog instead of just updating the readme file and emailing everyone. So for a brief summary of all the updates not posted(full change log in the readme):

0.0 – First playable

0.1 – Random starting locations so two bots don’t always fight the same way

0.2 – Arena boundaries and bot state inspection registers

0.3 – Better flow control operators and radar

0.4 – Scanner and various bug fixes

0.5 – Missiles and optimization

Now the moment you all didn’t know you were waiting for: 0.6 ! This week I have added hardware build options. The intent being to support a wide range of very powerful weapons and operators that can be so awesome because they require you to spend build points to turn them on. Currently missiles, scanners, radar, and explosive shots are hardware options.

Explosive shots? Yeah, I added those this week as well in my push for getting a base set of interesting weapons in. Same as normal shots except they explode on impact with a bot, dealing 1.5*power in damage in a 36 unit radius.

Not sure how far I will get in 0.6 but my goals for now are as follows:

  1. Finish weapon spread (lasers, healing shots, explosive shot weapon interactions)
  2. Add status panel to the battle viewing window so you have some idea of current state of the bots
  3. Debugger!
  4. Team communication operators and team death-match
  5. Non command line way of browsing and picking bots for a match

Once those are implemented I will proudly stamp the game as alpha and move on to even more crazy ideas I have.

Where do you download the game? Well, EA is still considering whether I am a threat to there economic well being. So, I am still on private distribution only. That said if you want a link ask, and if you have an old link to the Files directory just change pyRoBeta_0_X.zip to the correct version and it will be there.