Collateral Souls 0.9 – Explorers Update

  • Added key repeat for movement
    • Hold down a movement key to quickly continue in that direction
  • Added 2 new map types with new mechanics
    • Dark Caverns with only a few luminescent mushrooms to light the way
    • Volcanic Caverns with uncrossable lava pits
  • Updated existing map types to have more variety
  • Curse that reduces health no longer reduces you directly to 5% health, which results in imminent death in most cases. The effect now reduces health to half its current value.
  • Menus no longer go off the screen with very large contents


2 thoughts on “Collateral Souls 0.9 – Explorers Update

  1. Quite a sweet game you made there, easy to get going and getting tougher later on. Darkness and level layout are sometimes much more dangerous then enemies themselves, and they are nicely varied (I hate those Wraiths!).
    May I suggest – when leveling up, I would appreciate to see which perks I already have, to help with the decision.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Glad you like it ! Showing what perks you have during level up could be very helpful indeed, but I’m not sure about how best to present it. I’ll put it on the list and see what I come up with. Update 0.10 is already perk focused so this actually fits right into my development plan.

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