Collateral Souls 0.10 – Situational Awareness

  • Added Many new situational perks
    • Called Shots – bonus damage and ignore armor when ranged target has no cover
    • Berserker – Deal bonus melee damage after taking damage, bonus drops each turn no damage is taken
    • First Aid – Heal part of last hit taken when you wait
    • Initiative – Take less damage per turn since you were last damaged
  • You can now open your character sheet from the level up menu to look at you current stats and perks while deciding what perk to choose
  • Solar Armor damage no longer triggers health gain when paired with Tentacle Whip


5 thoughts on “Collateral Souls 0.10 – Situational Awareness

  1. Good update. The option to open the charsheet is really nice, especially with these new perks to choose from.
    A few notes on the new perks from my first few plays:
    – First Aid looks very strong for two reasons: First, it works even for a while after takiing damage, allowing you to hide to cover, treat your wound and spring back into action. Second, it seems to round the healed damage up, thus healing grazes fully and essentially working like a poor man’s Void Armor. It also combines excellently with Initiative for fights that are quick (Sniper, anyone?).
    – Called shots are really situational, mostly depending on the level layout. It’s nice for those layouts with left-to-right, up-and-down corridors, while pretty much useless for those diagonal corridors, where cover is pretty much omnipresent. On the other hand, if it interacts with Shotgun and it’s ignoring of cover (does it?), then this may be a really valid combo.
    – Berserker is a nice addition to against Wraiths. If they happen to reach melee range and get a hit in, they’re pretty much instakilled on the next turn.

    All in all, a nice update – keep up the good work!

  2. Oh, and one more thing I noticed – enemies will not attack in melee if they stand diagonally to the player. They will instead move to the left, right, up or down of the player, giving him a free attack. Maybe it’s intended, but it’s definitely easy to abuse – two attacks are enough to take down most of the enemies, with the right perks.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it!

    First Aid actually gives you the proper decimal precision, but for display purposes it is rounded up because 0 and 0.5 just look silly in the combat log. Its meant to change the play style to a hit and run and be a strong counter option to Regeneration – the 2nd most taken perk right now after Open Minded. I’m happy with how it plays right now and have certainly had facepalm moments when I get hit for 20 by an Archangel then back off only to get hit for 1 by a Lantern Archon 🙂

    Called shots was meant as a late game encouragement to actually respect cover, since late game with 190% accuracy you can ignore cover completely with little penalty. The armor ignore is a huge boon versus certain types of enemies – like Berserker and Grace are good against Wraiths, armor ignore greatly aids against Seraphs and Flame Demons . Versus most targets it’s only a 10-20% damage increase but versus heavy armored foes it rises to 40-60%

    Berserker actually makes melee very valid again, which I love. I played a game down to floor 11 without any ranged perks at all – I could have probably gotten further but I never managed to get Chakra. I’ll be trying for a no ranged upgrade run to see if its possible. I still haven’t beaten the game with a sniper or melee build.

    I see the diagonal AI melee bug- I’ll get it fixed in 0.10.1; good catch!

    Thanks for all of the excellent feedback!

    • Well, then allow me to assure you that a Sniper win is definitely possible – I managed it on my second 0.10 playthrough and my first win at all (with a score of exactly 6000 points).
      Sniper + Darkvision + Shadow Armor makes an excellent combination, and since I picked Insightful and Open Minded as my first two perks, XP just kept flowing in at an incredibly fast rate. The only perk I did not take was Marksman – I had enough XP to reach level 20 and take everything else.
      This, by the way, caused another UI issue – the score calculation, perk list and kill list were apparently too long to fit the gameover screen, which caused the first two or three lines of the score calculation to roll offscreen, with no way to scroll back up. No big issue, but worth mentioning.

      • Gah – I already noticed the score screen overflow and thought I had fixed it up already. Good catch – I’ve never managed to overflow it since I centered menus on the screen instead of the play area. I’ll put it on the list.

        Also awesome score!

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