Collateral Souls 0.10.1 – Melee AI Fix

  • Melee AI now behaves as intended
    • AI no longer prefers attacking from cardinal directions only
    • AI no longer moves away from the player when the player moves away
    • Performance improvements to melee AI


2 thoughts on “Collateral Souls 0.10.1 – Melee AI Fix

  1. Hey again :).

    Melee behavior now looks quite a bit more consistent, so good job there!

    There is still some weirdness regarding monsters positioning. If several monsters stand in a corridor, with the player in their line of sight but outside of their attack range, only the closest one will move towards the player. Others just stand still until the closest monster dies. Then, again, only the “new closest monster” moves.
    This only happens in left-right and top-bottom corridor, and it only seems to happen when there is no other way to the player, so this may be a pathfinding algorithm issue?

    Keep up the good work. I’m already sharing this game as a very nice example of how a coffeebreak roguelike should look like (if you don’t mind this qualification) :).

  2. Thanks for sharing, and coffeebreak RL was the design from the ground up so I’m glad it shows through so strongly.

    The path finding is very simple at the moment: “Can I reach where I think the player is? If so move along the shortest path to get there.” Which is why dead end corners create blockages. I can probably solve this by adding an additional “If not, what is the closest I can get to where I think the player is.” I’ll give it a go in 0.10.2

    Thanks for pointing this out, I’ve seen this but I am so used to seeing that behavior that I never registered it as a ‘bug’. Now it’s on my list 🙂

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