Collateral Souls 0.12 – Creature Feature

Made a number of balance changes based on historic data of creature performance.

  • Increased shotgun damage by 2
  • Flame Demon renamed to Purifier
    • Purifiers have a slightly smaller light radius
    • Purifiers have a shotgun
    • Purifiers have a brighter color
  • Pit Fiend renamed to just Fiend
    • Fiend damage reduced slightly
    • Fiend Accuracy reduced slightly
  • Archangel
    • Slightly reduced damage for ranged and melee
  • Wraiths
    • Slightly reduced health
    • Slightly reduced damage
  • Grunt renamed to Zombie
    • Slightly reduced armor
    • New Zombie color
  • Hound Archons
    • Slightly browned in color
  • Carnage
    • Traded Grace for Initiative (Similar theme, but Grace was an invalid perk choice and creatures need to obey the rules as well!)
  • Reapers
    • Now have Boosted, bringing them up to the correct number of perks
  • Added Lifesense perk to available level up rotation ( was only available via lore box )
    • No longer can see undead creatures (Zombies & Wraiths)
  • Increased visibility of Paradox Trigger weapon effect
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Armor would not hide the player if they moved
  • Improved lava performance by clustering lava light sources instead of a light source per tile
  • Fixed rare double object destroy crash bug


8 thoughts on “Collateral Souls 0.12 – Creature Feature

  1. A run-through on this version felt good. Usually when I play, I feel like I’m doing pretty good, and then at some point I just get mauled. This time, I actually knew when my days were numbered and I was hobbling along being really cautious until I died.

    I think that was a better way to die than just “i’m awesome i’m awesome i’m awesome i’m dead”. Now it’s more like “i’m awesome i’m awesome i’m awesome i’m screwed i’m screwed but maybe not maybe i’ll make it maybe if i can just never mind i’m dead”.

    • As user journeys go, I have to say that is pretty much perfect. Behold the power of analytics!

  2. 0.12 download not working using Internet explorer 0.11 still works though

    • I don’t see any issues on my end, but I did upload 0.12 on a slightly different tech stack than usual. I’ve reuploaded with my normal toolset; everything looks to be fine on my end. If it is not working still, let me know.

  3. Another suggestion. It would be nice if all of the perks that unlocked new perks would be marked somehow. Sometimes a perk is more desirable just because I know it leads to another one. For example, taking the shotgun perk leads to more shotgun upgrades. It’s like the “shotgun perk tree”. That one is obvious because it’s a weapons perk, but then there’s something like Aura. That leads to other vision perks (as I understand it), but it’s not labelled. For the longest time I didn’t realize that Aura was required to open the other vision perks, and I never really took it because it didn’t really seem that great.

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