Collateral Souls – 0.15 Magic

  • Added teleporters to certain map types
  • Renamed Boosted to Magically Gifted and added a number of ritual perks that activate when waiting
    • New Rituals
      • Volatile Regeneration – Heals 3 HP but reduces max HP by 1
      • Blood Secret – All damage taken this turn is also gained as XP
      • Inferno Rounds – Ranged attacks light target on fire for 5 rounds, ritual lasts 3 rounds
      • Stone Body – increases armor and melee damage by 25% for 3 rounds
      • Flesh Guise – Creatures ignore you for 5 rounds, effect ends if you attack or deal damage. Must kill a creature to ready Flesh Guise
      • Teleport – ranged attacks made in the next 2 rounds move you adjacent to the target