Collateral Souls 0.20 – Arcana

  • New Features
    • Pact Pistol: a new weapon option
      • Magical weapon which ignores armor, cover, and range.
      • Pact Perks
        • Telescape
          • When you fire at melee range you are teleported away from your target
        • Skill Pact
          • Your accuracy goes up by 1% every 10th hit with your ranged weapon
        • Mindsight
          • When you hit a target with your ranged weapon, you gain visibility from its location for this turn
        • Pact Ritual
          • When you fire your ranged weapon, your rituals trigger
        • Freezing Pact
          • Ranged hits against targets with full life are only glancing, but freeze the target for 3 turns
    • End of Floor Collapse Mini-game
      • New mini game once a floor is clear of enemies. Stay in the collapsing world as long as possible for XP rewards before getting sucked into the next floor
    • Challenge seed string option
    • In-Game report a bug / suggest a feature link
  • Changes
    • View Active Challenges menu added to help remember what conditions your challenge has
    • Name default saved between runs
    • New icon for application
  •  Fixed
    • Enemy Alert setting now lasts between sessions
    • Nemesis no longer spawn during seeded runs
    • Creatures now start with full health (creature starting health remains the same)

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2 thoughts on “Collateral Souls 0.20 – Arcana

  1. OK, so I tried the new Pact Pistol, and I gotta say that it feels quite overpowered. Ignoring range, cover and armor seems too much – like a Sniper Shotgun with no damage increase, but also with no drawbacks. With enough perks to boost my damage, I was one-shooting everything but Carnages (and sometimes even them). I grabbed a win with it on my second try, and it just felt too easy.

    On the other hand, I found Freezing Pact largely unappealing. Frozen enemies take no damage, and on the last turn it’s even worse, as you shoot the enemy, it takes no damage and then gets a free shot at you. It can give you time for tactical positioning game, sure, but for me it’s still underwhelming. Also, Freezing Pact doesn’t work at all when you open a lore box with the “Your enemies will be brittle” boon, as this lore box apparently lowers enemies’ health below their maximum. (Not sure whether this is the case for the “Your enemies gain great fortitude” curse – I have not yet tested that).

    I also noticed that at times you can see an enemy around the corner, but you can’t target it (and sometimes it can even target you). Not sure that this is intended.

    The Collapsing World minigame is nice, and especially for one thing I was missing – some form of announcement that the floor is cleared of all enemies. The XP gain is nice and not too large to be overpowered (I never managed to stay on the floor for more than three turns since the collapse started – that 3.9 XP even with Open-Minded and Insightful).

    All in all, a very nice update :).

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