Collateral Souls 0.21 – Swarms


  • New Features
    • Swarm Creatures
      • Queen of Worms
        • Spawns wandering larva
      • Mound of Bodies
        • Quickly spawns Zombies
    • Slayer Background
      • Extra damage from leveling, but less surivability
  • Changes
    • Pact Pistol Changes
      • Pact Ritual now unlocks Ritual perks
      • Freezing Pact removed from game as it was bad, and annoying to use
      • Pact Pistol no longer has unlimited range
    • More diversity in creature populations on a floor
    • Insight now adds health bars to injured creatures in addition to previous functionality
    • Added Full Screen setting
  • Fixes
    • Hitting Esc on the main menu will now properly shut the game down
    • Guarded against a rare telemetry crash on boot

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7 thoughts on “Collateral Souls 0.21 – Swarms

  1. Feedback time! 🙂

    OK, just a first few impressions.

    I met several Queens of Worms. If left unattended, the worms can swarm you, leaving you little time for witing (for example, for Initiative to recharge fully). The amount of spawns seems just about right.
    That being said, sometimes it’s a bit of a pain to switch between targets when you have ~15 worms and five other enemies. But that’s a price for being swarmed, I can live with that.

    Pact pistol feels much less overpowered now, but still very viable for short-distance kills. That was a good fix :).
    Also I noticed that while Pact Pistol no longer ignores range, the perk description in perk selection screen does not reflect this (it is still described as “a magical weapon that ignores range, cover and armor”).

    Plus there’s a little issue with health bars granted by Insightful – if a damaged enemy moves to a dark square within your line of sight (so you cannot target it), the health bar is still visible.

    All in all – yet another good update! 🙂


  2. A little more feedback:

    Seeing how easily the spawns can swarm you, I realized that it’s time to test a Shotgun/Tentacle Whip build. And man, it felt all too powerful.

    Tentacle Whip in combination with swarms is outright abusable, too easy to farm the spawns for pretty much infinite healing. The same goes for shooting enemies at the edge of your fire distance – the more times you just glance them, the more HP you gain (Seraphs are particularly vulnerable to this).
    My suggestion for this would be to base the HP gain from Tentacle Whip on damage dealt, so you would gain a fixed amount from a particular enemy, no matter how many times you need to hit them (e.g. 1HP gained for 15HP of damage dealt – a Seraph kill would always heal 5HP), and to implement diminishing (or outright zeno) returns from spawns, so that you cannot farm them indefinitely.
    I did not notice whether spawns grant experience. If they do, it’s would be more abusable – you could easily leave floor 3 at character level 20+.

    About that mouse support – I would personally find it more comfortable to use free targetting, in the sense to choose a target with Spacebar, and aim with Shift+arrows before actual firing (this could help Shotgun builds as well – you could aim on an unnocuppied space in the midst of monsters, possibly hitting more of them). Mouse support is definitely a viable way to go, but the spaces in the grid seem too small to easily aim on the correct one. Just my opinion, though.


  3. @swarm farming
    Hrmmm…. they don’t give XP, I thought of that one. Exploiting them for life leech, that one I did not catch. Great find! I knew about the HP gain farming on creatures from almost out of range and I do think that gameplay trend is not balanced, or fun. I will think on solutions to both as a whole.

    @free targeting
    I have considered free targeting systems before. But in the spirit of keeping the game easy to learn and pick up in the coffebreak style, I have decided to not go with anything that complex. Free targeting with the mouse would likely be easy enough to grock for users, but also opens up a whole category of destructive user error: shooting at nothing by accident. I will keep the idea in my back pocket if a game mechanic would make good use of it but as the game is at the moment I don’t feel free targeting would be a good direction.

    I am still considering click creature targeting as an alternate to target cycling, going to have to play around with it and see what feels right.

  4. @Free targeting – you have already implemented a very easy-to-use targetting system – I would see the free-form as more of a complement to this (the use of Shift+arrows would require the player to know what he’s doing, and it is not that prone to errors).
    In any case, whatever your choice is, I will be happy to test it :).

  5. Just found a few zombie mounds – and the zombies spawned by these _give_ experience on kill. I even had no choice than killing loads of them before I even found the mounds themselves, with enough XP for three levels.

    It seems that the game does not differentiate between “normal” and spawned zombies – a new type of monster may be necessary to address this issue.

  6. Gah! It is supposed to drop spawns to level 0, this is very much a bug. Probably overlooked it because Larva worked correctly and it *should* be the same logic.

    Thanks for the find. I am planning on putting out a minor version soon to fix these exploits you have found.

    Thank you for your continued reports!

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