Collateral Souls 0.21.1

Minor Balance Fix Update

  • Zombies spawned by mounds no longer give XP
  • HP no longer gained from spawned creatures via any means
  • Insight health bars no longer show in complete darkness
  • HP gain from Tentacle Whip adjusted to be damage based
    • Curve encourages single large hits over many small hits so pinging creatures for 1 HP from out of range is no longer the optimum strategy with Tentacle Whip. Curve examples:
      • 7.5 damage is worth 1 HP
      • 15 damage is worth 2.2 HP
      • 30 damage is worth 5.2 HP
      • 60 damage is worth 12 HP
  • Minor text fix for Pact Pistol, no longer says it ignores range when it does not

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6 thoughts on “Collateral Souls 0.21.1

  1. It’s feedback time again! 🙂

    This time it will be about swarmers again. I happened to grab a win with a Tentacle Whip build again, but I seem to have quite a tough time to grab a win with anything else. Using single target weapons, it’s fairly easy to get “overswarmed”, when the zombies spawn much faster than I can kill them, and eventually I become stuck in place. With a Sniper Rifle I can at least pick the mounds from afar, but first I have to see them to aim at them … Maybe I just need a change in tactics, so that I seek the mounds more actively.

    I’m tempted to try a Wrath build in combination with either Assault Rifle or Pact pistol – if I get surrounded, I will simply kill anything within reach automatically. Could be viable.

    Unrelated to that, an interesting thing happened when I reached a lore box when the world began to collapse. I chose to trigger the box, the world collapsed on me, I entered the next floor and only then did the dialog window appear. Thus, effectively a lore box found on floor 11 affected floor 12 right from the beginning.

    And one more thing – swarmes will easily swarm the game log generated upon death/victory, so that the log has no chance to fit on the screen. Perhaps scrolling could be enabled in the whole log?

  2. Sorry for my poor english.
    Out of Memory occurred to the next turn with which a collapse has started.
    I’m waiting for fix it while playing 0.19.2.

  3. Out of Memory don’t occur after resizing window smaller.

    Whenever I get solar armor and one step movement, Code Error has occurred.

    action number 1
    of Step Event0
    for object Simulation:

    REAL argument is unset
    called from – gml_Object_Simulation_Step_0 (line 385)

    Once I found an enemy and try to shoot it, but I can’t.
    Then I try to target it, but I can’t too.
    The enemy is very far from me, and it is standing diagonal corridor,
    so probably his coverage is more than 100%, I think.

    I get boon “You see all.” but I can’t see wight and zombie.
    Not “all” but “all living being”?

    With some luck, scholar can get two perks that only one perk at a time.

    For example: get shotgun perk at first, and sniper rifle perk at second.
    Result: I can shoot 46m-far-enemy with spread shot, ignore cover, no minimam range.
    My shot-rifle is wide spread (Storm of Vengeance) and drain life (Tentacle Whip).
    At that time, I felt invincible (flashback under the grave).

    It is very funny, but.. it is a bug, right?

  4. Thanks for the feedback! I’m happy you are getting so much play time out of the game to find all of these things.

    Tracking the memory bug:

    Traking Solar Armor crash

    I think I know what’s happening on the corner targeting bug, lighting checks are not as accurate as cover checks, should be able to fix that easily

    ‘You see all’ gives you lifesense so it is not ‘all’ like the text implies, will fix the text to be more accurate

    Scholar is working as intended, mixing and matching perks like that is the intended fun of the scholar. Glad you enjoyed it!

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