Update 0.8

Yes, yes. I know. It wasn’t weekly.

Went back to working on the game itself, but kept to the theme of reducing barriers to entry. Specifically I focused on usability during bot creation. This weeks update contains some very powerful, but very simple improvements to the code monkeying section of the game.

  • Bots now die when they throw an exception (this used to crash the simulation…)
  • All exceptions now display the current location in code including label, instruction, and instruction offset indexes(if you see any raw python exceptions point me to them and I will get them properly wrapped!)
  • Minor bug fixes

I also spent a good deal of time testing the game to find the best ways to improve the experience. By testing I of course mean ‘testing’, which of course means playing. I have created a new bot the shows off some of the more powerful uses of the scan operator and has basic circling, distance adjustment, and target following algorithms. It is available in the forums, and is distributed with the games starter bots as well. Its name is Tracker. I demand you kill it and send me the bot that did it!