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  1. Hello,

    I have two issues (not necessarily bugs) to report:

    The first one is the interaction between Void Armor, and Initiative and First Aid. The quirk is that when you are hit for 0 HP, thanks to Void Armor’s damage reduction, you are still considered to be hit. Thus, on such a hit the Initiative counter is reset (you lose the damage reduction form Initiative), and First Aid allows to heal one half of said 0 HP, which is of course 0 HP (and you lose your chance to heal damage from a previous hit that actually dealt some damage).
    This may well be intended behavior, I’m just pointing it out.

    The second issue is the possibly wrong display of Chance To Hit with a Pact Pistol and Skill Pact. After a few floors with Skill Pact, when aiming on distant enemies, Chance to Glance is displayed (and it’s less than 100%), but I do a full hit regularly on such occasions. Perhaps the displayed chance to hit does not factor in certain perks, such as the aforementioned Skill Pact? I’ve had other accuracy-enhancing perks as well (Marksman and Focused).

    Best regards,

    • Good observations!

      The Void Armor + Initiative interaction is working as intended. Consider a damaging hit of 2, reduced by 50% to 1, reduced by void armor to 0. So when you get a 0 hit on you it’s not wasting Initiative, it very well could be a 0 because of Initiative. There is some ‘waste’ depending on exactly how much damage you take with Initiative for example (with no Void Armor) a glancing 1 damage hit reduced by 50% to 0.5 but capped at 1 minimum damage. However Initiative resets when you are hit, not when you take damage and this is intended behavior.

      First aid however should not be triggering on 0 damage hits as it is meant to operate off of the last damage you have taken. I’ve added in a bug on this: https://procrastinationsoftworks.atlassian.net/browse/CS-57

      The chance to hit math on the UI is an approximation, but it takes all permanent bonuses player bonuses into account (IE no creature armor, or situational perks accuracy bonuses – none currently available in game). Since Skill Pact is a permanent bonus and directly increases your statistics it should be reflected correctly. I will take a look:

      As always – thanks for the feedback and I hope you are enjoying the game!

      • Well then, one more thought regarding the chance-to-hit calculation – perhaps Cover is taken into account always, even when it is ignored by Shotgun or Pact Pistol?

        • You are eerily good at finding my bugs. Many perk stats are tracked specifically instead of generically (IE do you have shotgun vs do you have cover ignoring weapon) because of Scholar and no prerequisite challenge modes doing weird things with combinations.

          The UI is in fact only tracking shotguns, and not pact pistols. I will get this fixed up next release. Thank you very much for the find.

          Tracking this issue here:

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