Collateral Souls 0.24 – Broadening Update


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There have been some features I’ve wanted to do for a while to make the game more approachable to new players. After all the Coffee-break Roguelike genre is meant to be a low barrier of entry. So this month’s update is all about the little things that help guide new players from confusion into mastery.

  • New Features
    • Sprites! There is now a tileset setting in the settings menu. There is still the original ascii form and the (now default) sprite tileset. Hopefully this allows players to get their bearings more easily when looking at the playfield.
    • Perk Guide – A new menu that lets you read up on all perks in the game and their relationships with other perks.
  • Changes
    • Score System Reworked- The old score system promoted getting farther as doing better, even if getting farther at the expense of future survivability. The new score system is much more focused on promoting masterful play and is tightly measured and transparent so players can see what they are doing and how it effects their score. The score system is also now setup to be on a 0-1000 scale, 1000 being a perfect game. So scores are much easier to understand than their previous exponential ramp.
      • Due to the changes in scoring, your high score table will be reset with this update.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Tentacle Whip visuals reworked to be less taxing on the system and look more tentacle-y. Better performance but should also mitigate rare draw resource crashes related to the effect.
    • Carnage no longer try to use ranged attacks even though they are terrible at them

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