Official EA rejection!

EA has acknowledged me as a viable threat to their corporate standing int the games market! What this means is rather simple. I can not publicly distribute the project. However, I can still privately distribute the project with no problems. Knowing that I am not a web guru and definitely not a security expert. I suspect that there is no feasible way I can actually lock down access to the files and still have the accessible to my private use group. So, you will now notice there is a change in the licensing. The software is for private use only and you are not allowed to use it without explicit permission. I cannot control the flow of bots, as those are your creations and I have no control on their distribution. So, this nixes the idea of the web based platform, everything else should continue as normal.

I really don’t expect this will be much of a hindrance to my current user base. Which is currently plateaued out at a healthy zero.