Update 0.9 – Team Deathmatch

Added in support for team death match and related support features! Now you can make Voltron style group bots that only end up working together in the last 5 minutes of an episode.


Add -t to the run line to enable team matches, example:

pyRoBeta.py team1bot otherteam1bot team2bot otherteam2bot -t

This will spawn all of the bots on the outer walls of the arena with their teammates. When a bot dies the bot will respawn back on its team’s side and reduce the team’s respawn count. First team out of respawns looses. There are of course some nifty new hardware and interpreter options to take advantage of:

  • Broadcastdish – lets you send variables to all bots on your team
  • Repairshot – short range healing gun to fix up teammates
  • team register – returns your current team id ( use with scanner for friend vs foe)
  • available operator – returns if the named value is available – useful for checking if a broadcast has occurred yet before blowing up trying to read a bad value.

There have also been some visual tweaks so you can tell whats going on