Platformer PoC

A Platformer proof of concept (PoC) inspired by some of my favorite platformer games. Rogue Legacy sticks out the most. Engine mostly complete and just in need of content. Don’t have a lot of enemies, or rooms, no bosses, and no user accessible way to level up the world. Work so far has been from a mini sabbatical where I took off most of December to work on side projects. About 2 weeks of work went into this project.


Notable features include:

  • Platforming
  • 2 Weapons, whip and sword
  • Controller support w/ rumble
  • 1 sound with full 3D proximity and motion effects
  • Wall sliding
  • Wall jumping
  • Charge up high jump from crouch
  • Air dashing
  • Persistent meta progression
  • 4 type of traps
  • 3 types of enemies
  • Random world layout generation, yes random, not procedural
  • Almost 3 minutes of gameplay!
  • Easy level creation, make a level and put some doors and it will be picked up and used by the engine
  • Auto tiler, world built in blocks and can automatically re-skin itself (only default skin accessible in installed version)