Collateral Souls

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Collateral Souls is a roguelike game meant to be quick to play and easy to pick up. Battle your way through an unexpected afterlife – hunted by angels and demons alike. Modern weapons like rifles and shotguns add a unique ranged combat system not seen by many games of the genre. Ascend mortal ability and use divine weaponry  for your own survival. Die again. Repeat. Who said the afterlife didn’t have an afterlife?

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User Quotes:

“The darkness mechanic … is probably a bigger enemy than the actual enemies of the game”

“The darkness is intense in this game, it does not screw around”

“… I love the range combat in this game”

“I like [Collateral Souls] a lot, it’s tense but it’s not instant punishment”

“Crap! It can see me, but I can’t see it – it’s really dark in here”

“[Collateral Souls] was really cool, it’s one I could spend a lot of time on, a lot of complexity”