Collateral Souls 0.16.2 – Optimizations

  • Optimized post player turn lighting updates reducing total simulation update by ~8%
  • Fixed unknown issue with YYC’s LLVM compilation by moving some code around
    • Global speed gain of ~25%
    • Note: Due to the unknown nature of the bug there may be side effects elsewhere that were less obvious. I double checked twice but, if you find anything please let me know!


Collateral Souls 0.15.2

  • Adjusted base player accuracy and damage to give more consistent damage at low levels
  • Buffed player’s melee abilities at low levels
  • Increased heal of Volatile Regeneration to 6
  • Significantly reduced Archangel’s maximum damage
  • Blood Secret tweaked to only activate on attacks that reduce HP lower than previous activations on the current floor
  • Added visual indicator on burning creatures


Collateral Souls – 0.15 Magic

  • Added teleporters to certain map types
  • Renamed Boosted to Magically Gifted and added a number of ritual perks that activate when waiting
    • New Rituals
      • Volatile Regeneration – Heals 3 HP but reduces max HP by 1
      • Blood Secret – All damage taken this turn is also gained as XP
      • Inferno Rounds – Ranged attacks light target on fire for 5 rounds, ritual lasts 3 rounds
      • Stone Body – increases armor and melee damage by 25% for 3 rounds
      • Flesh Guise – Creatures ignore you for 5 rounds, effect ends if you attack or deal damage. Must kill a creature to ready Flesh Guise
      • Teleport – ranged attacks made in the next 2 rounds move you adjacent to the target


Collateral Souls 0.14 – Immidiate Funification


  • Added status indicators for situational perks: Called Shots, Initiative, Berserker, and First Aid
  • Adjusted progression ramp to make early levels more interesting and challenging
    • Dark Cavern floors no longer appear in the first five floors
    • Zombies and Imps received a general all around buff
    • Hound Archons now have Brawler and Berserker Perks
    • Lantern Archons now have Marksman Perk
  • Tuning mid level creatures to better match their melee or ranged counterparts
    • Seraphs traded Radiant Armor for Wrath and Aura Perks
    • Archangels traded Boosted for Aura Perk
    • Fiends received a general all around debuff
    • Purifiers AI tuned to be more aggressive
  • Fixed bug causing Hound Archons to give less XP than intended
  • Fixed bug causing negative cover penalties


Collateral Souls – 0.13 Community Update

Many community requested features and fixes found during /r/roguelikedev/ ‘ s Feedback Friday #8 -Collateral Souls .

  • Moved keyboard letter movement keys over so they are not spanning split keyboard’s divide
  • Added Brightness setting
  • Removed Lifesense from the perk rotation
  • Increased player starting light radius
  • Added setting to show exact values on HP/XP bars
  • Added setting to show alert icons on new enemies the first time the are visible
  • Improved Help Menu
    • Added New User Hints section
    • Added ‘?’ keybinding for help menu
  • Improved Lore Box experience
    • First time players will always receive a boon
    • Grammar fixes in Lore Box text
    • Lore boxes explained in new New User Hints section of the help screen
    • New status indicators section on the UI shows boon/curse status
  • Flipped Exit to “>” glyph to align better with player expectations
  • Added minor fade out to log to indicate message ordering
  • Optimizations to simulation updates
  • Added license information (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License; source available on request)